Imagine bubbles colliding with each other; some explode, others combine to form large clusters. Many divide themselves into what seems an infinite chain of colorful dots … Now imagine that these particles transmit different degrees of temperature, varying randomly between degrees of heat and cold. As this is happening, these particles suddenly and violently begin to pulsate. This incredible sight, a vast star nursery of color and sensations, has changed from translucent to gray, white, black, orange, violet and every possible color in the visible spectrum.

Beyond this incredible transformation, comes a new level, one that appeals to each layer of our humanity. The interpretation of particles into incredible sound waves, that presents vivid patterns that deeply move the spirit and beat within the psyche.
Theories of Chaos – Mestiza

Entropy defines the work of Peter Hosfeld as well as the music that Eugenia Mendez will perform through “Mestiza”. Both artists join forces to present an artistic endeavor, marked by deep transformation and the evolution of basic concepts and planes, that celebrate our essence.

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