Dear Keys4Kids Students,

Hope you are all doing great!!! Kalos Music & Art School will be hosting Online Live Recitals. Recital Week will feature one week of a video contest on Instagram and an award ceremony live on social media.

Video Recording (week prior to the recital)
• Decide where you will be performing (living room preferably)
• Set up the area
• Dress appropriately
• Locate the camera in a way live audience can see your complete instrument and body
• Record and submit your video to Orbund (this video will be used for the contest)
o Not edited videos
o Avoid background noises
• Due date is May 29th, 2020

Video Contest
• All submitted videos will be uploaded to our Instagram Feed (with prior authorization).
• The contest will be based on number of likes.
• Prizes:
o Special for Summer Term 2020 or Summer Academy Program

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Stay safe and healthy,
Kalos Music & Art School