Art classes Aimed towards kids, teens and adults.

We offer an introductory program of art, an intermediate and advanced art classes, all the techniques, for kids, teens and adults. We also offer Drawing classes from Basic to advanced, and life figure drawing sessions for adults. We guide and help to complete the projects for Middle School and High School art portfolios.

o Triggering creativity through play.
o Tools to organize ideas, elements, materials, and techniques in achieving artistic objects.

Our goal:
o to provide knowledge about art,
o to develop perception to creation.

Dynamics from the inspiration of renowned contemporary artists:
o Elements and color in a composition inspired by Miro, the
o Abstraction of forms and the use of color inspired by Kandinsky and Klee,
o White and black from the drawings and prints by Chillida,
o The assembly of elements inspired by Jean Tinguely,
o Approaches to kinetic inspired by Soto masterpieces.

• Art Initiation I 4-6 yrs old
• Art Level I 6-9 yrs old
• Art Level II 10-12 yrs old
• Art Techniques & Practice Teens and Adults

o One on One Lessons once a week 55 Minutes each session
o Groups with no more than 6 students once a week 55 Minutes each session

Our objective is to create experiences where students can discover the unique joy that comes from expressing themselves through the creation of visual art. Our emphasis is on art making as imaginative and creative play.

Elizabeth Stainberg


Through exposure to sound, singing, keyboards, percussion and other instruments, and musical games appropriate to their age the children will develop their memory and imagination, language and social skills, motor skills and mental training, besides their musical skills as listening, tuning, rhythmic sense and musical writing, contributing to their general and particular growth for the creation and performance of music.

• Musical Initiation keys4kids I 3 yrs old
o 45-minute weekly group session Program

• Musical Initiation keys4kids II 4 yrs old
• Musical Initiation keys4kids III 5 yrs old

o Through exposure to solfege, singing, piano, percussion instruments, and violin, the children will develop their memory and imagination, language and social skills, motor skills and mental training, and their musical skills as listening, tuning, rhythmic sense and musical reading and writing, contributing to their general and particular growth for the creation and performance of Music.
o 1-hour weekly group session Program

:Learn how to read and write music while you play. Music in Practice Groups. Lessons for Children ranging from 6 to 12. Groups by ages.
o Groups with no more than 6 students once a week 55 Minutes each session

o Rhythm reading and understanding through body percussion and movement and percussion instruments
o Music reading through the piano. Piano initiation

Eugenia Méndez
Saúl Vera
Maibel Troia

• Latin-American and World plucked Strings One On One Lessons for Children, Teens & Adults
• Latin-American and World plucked Strings Groups lessons
• Latin-American and World plucked Strings Ensemble Practice

• Pop Electric Guitar One On One and Groups lessons Teens & Adults
• Pop Electric Guitar Playing and Couching Sessions Teens & Adults

• Pop & Latin Electric Bass One On One and Groups lessons Teens & Adults
• Pop & Latin Electric Bass Playing and Couching Sessions Teens & Adults

• Improvisation and melodic entertainment on guitar (This class, complimentary to the individual guitar class, is aimed at guitar students from 14 years of age (teens) and adults with knowledge and execution of at least 2 years on the instrument.)

• Bowed Strings One On One Lessons Children, Teens & Adults
• Bowed Strings Groups lessons
• Bowed Strings Ensemble Practice

o One on One Lessons once a week 30 Minutes each session
o One on One Lessons once a week 55 Minutes each session
o Groups with no more than 4 students once a week 55 Minutes each session

Saúl Vera (Only for plucked Strings)
Hugo Fuguet (Pop & Electric Guitar)
Pedro Castillo (Pop & Electric Guitar)
Nelson Armitano (Viola)

• Saxophones & Woodwind One On One Lessons for Children, Teens & Adults
• Saxophones & Woodwind Groups lessons
• Recorder Flute Groups lessons Children
• Clarinet B&#X266D

• Brass: Trumpet / Trombone One On One Lessons Children, Teens & Adults
• Brass: Trumpet / Trombone Groups lessons

• Clarinet

o One on One Lessons once a week 30 Minutes each session
o One on One Lessons once a week 55 Minutes each session
o Groups with no more than 4 students once a week 55 Minutes each session

Karrie Griffiths (Flute)
Julio Andrade (Clarinet & Saxophone)
Pablo Gil (Saxophone)
Kissis Muñoz (Trumpet)

• Drum Techniques:
o Reading music on drums
o Drum rudiments:
o ESSENTIAL SNARE DRUM RUDIMENTS: Roll Rudiments, Diddle Rudiments, Flam Rudiments, Drag Rudiments

• Drum Styles:
o Jazz, Rock, Pop, Latin American Styles & Ethnic genres.

• Latin and Afro American Percussion
o One On One Lessons Teens & Adults
o Groups lessons for Children

• Drums Group Initiation class:
o For children from 8 years old, to adults
o 1 hour weekly session
o group class of 3 students

• Drums Latin, Pop&Jazz Rhythms class:
o For children from 10 years old, to adults
o Intermediate Level is required
o 1 hour weekly session
o group class of 3 students

Jesus Gallimore (Drum Techniques, Drum Styles)
Ivan Velasquez (Drum Techniques, Drum Styles)
José Gregorio Hernández (Pop & Latin Percussion)

POP Piano
o Rhythm & Blues: One On One Lessons Children, Teens & Adults
o Rhythm & Blues: Groups lessons

Classical Piano
o Classical, Initiation, Jazz & Advanced: One On One Lessons for Children, Teens & Adults
o Piano Initiation Groups lessons

Piano in Pop Music
o Learn the skills needed to play Pop Music on the piano. For beginners and advanced students.
o Theory and hands-on sessions to master the art of chord progressions in Pop Music.
o Presents basic (playing chords and finding the key of a song) and advanced techniques vital to the aspiring musician.
o A program designed to acquire the elements needed to play tunes and popular songs on the piano in a wide range of pop styles.
o Designed for children and adults.

o One on One Lessons once a week 30 Minutes each session
o One on One Lessons once a week 55 Minutes each session
o Groups with no more than 4 students once a week 55 Minutes each session

Eugenia Méndez (Classical, Initiation, Jazz & Advanced)
Clara Marcano (Classical Piano)

o Tonality Concepts
o Intervals
o Scales
o Chords
o Chords Progression
o Analysis of music for piano
o Basic musical forms
o Analysis of a melody. Understanding its harmonic function
o Simple rules to compose

o For instrumentalists with an intermediate level on any instrument, and basic level on the piano.
o For students from 8 years old, to adults
o Must have completed the 2nd year of Rhythm & Melody or the 1st year of Piano class

o 1-hour weekly session
o Group class of 4 students

o For Teens and adults
o Piano Intermediate level is required
o 1-hour weekly session
o Group class of 4 students

Vocal initiation and vocal-singing sight reading class through Kodaly solfege technique. Its goal is to develop knowledge about musical language, vocal training and rhythm sense through international songs repertoire of all historical periods in several languages. As part of the class, methodological strategies are body movement, team musical games, and musical expression, stimulating teamwork, and leadership.

Maibel Troia

“Bel Canto technique main objective is to maximize the use of breath support, in order to produce rich and beautiful sounds. Teaching our students to constantly rely on their breath support and to feel very grounded in their posture in order to maximize their success. Breathing Techniques: – Tucking in the belly or -Expanding the ribs, and we provide our students with both techniques and let them choose which one feels most comfortable to them since both can be successful when done correctly. Singing and speaking go hand in hand and both should receive significant breath support at all time.” – Orianna Gutierrez

• Technic, POP & Jazz Singing Children, Teens & Adults
o One on One Lessons once a week 30 Minutes each session
o One on One Lessons once a week 55 Minutes each session
o Groups with no more than 4 students once a week 55 Minutes each session

• Adults Choir
o No knowledge required
o Audition required, to define vocal range
o 1 1/2h weekly sessions

• Children Choir
o Required/Optional* as part of the Rhythm&Melody class
o 1 h weekly sessions
o Teens students Choir
o 1 h weekly sessions

Eugenia Méndez
Orianna Gutierrez
Elizabeth Quintanalesband-691224_640“Musical Software”

How to record, remix, produce and edit your musical creations. Students will acquire production skills, which can be applied to songwriting, composing and studio production.
o Traktor (create on-the-fly remixes with powerful cueing and looping)
o ProTools (recording and Midi programming)
o LogicX (recording and Midi programming for Mac)
o Sibelius (music notation)
o Reason (midi Programming)

o One on One Lessons once a week 60 minutes

“Chamber Music”instruments-1455975_640


Together with Nestor and a team of specialized professionals under his educational vision, we are developing a new learning experience, not only for flute students, but for those interested in acquiring and developing the proper skills to improvise and understand jazz, pop, and Afro-Caribbean music forms.

Who is Nestor Torres?

Standing on the shoulders of flute giants from worlds as diverse as Rampal & Galway in Classical Music; Richard Egues’ Cuban Charanga style; rocker Ian Anderson’s Jethro Tull; Herbie Mann and – most influential of all – Hubert Laws as pioneers of Jazz Flute, Latin Grammy Award-winning Nestor Torres’ rhythmic and mellifluous flute sound remains apart in a class all by itself. His 14 recordings as a soloist; 4 Latin Grammy nominations, one Grammy nomination and one Latin Grammy Award; collaborations with diverse artists such as Gloria Estefan, Kenny Loggins, Dave Mathews, Herbie Hancock, Tito Puente, Michael Camilo, Paquito D’ Rivera and Arturo Sandoval; as well as performances with the Cleveland, Singapore, and New World Symphony Orchestras among many others, are testament to the remarkable journey of an Artist who continues to grow and enrich the lives of those who experience his talents.

Nestor TorresAA-SmallPiano

Adolfo started his musical career at a very young age. His talent and dedication awarded him the privilege of learning from two masters, Eumir Deodato and Nadia Boulanger. He’s led a trio for many years and has toured with Elis Regina and Milton Nascimento, as well as other renowned musicians from around the globe. Today, we are proud to have Maestro Antonio Adolfo as a Guest teacher at Kalos Music & Art School where he teaches Brazilian music and Jazz piano.

Antonio AdolfoColette-Siwka
Kalos Music & Art School inaugura el “Taller de Escritura” conducido por la historiadora, escritora y consultora gerencial Colette Siwka.

Colette es venezolana, nacida en París, Francia. Es licenciada en Historia de la Universidad Central de Venezuela.
Ha trabajado en diversos ambientes gerenciales y escrito sobre muy diversos temas, entre ellos la investigación sobre biografías e historia. Ha publicado numerosos artículos de opinión y divulgación en revistas.
Se ha desempeñado como productora, locutora y guionista de programas de radio; crítica de guiones cinematográficos y editora de textos.
Tiene además 30 años de experiencia en la gerencia de proyectos y en la promoción del emprendimiento de negocios para el desarrollo vinculados a agencias internacionales para el desarrollo social.
Ha sido educadora en varias áreas del conocimiento como son la historia, la gerencia social, educación sexual femenina, proyectos sociales y escritura creativa de ficción, biográfica y promoción del arte contemporáneo.
Algunas de sus publicaciones pueden verse en:, Biografía y Literatura, Venezuela Siglo XIX., entrevistas a venezolanos en Florida, años 2010 a mayo 2014.
Artículos de promoción turística.

Para conocer mas sobre Colette, visita: Colette Siwka

Kalos Music & Art School
TALLER DE ESCRITURA: ¿Cómo contar mis cuentos?
Creado y conducido por Colette Siwka

Escribir cuentos es una gratificante y sanadora experiencia personal, que puede ser tan artística y conmovedora como una novela, aunque no necesariamente más fácil. Si sientes la pasión y la urgencia de contar tus cuentos, este Taller te dará herramientas sencillas, prácticas y rápidas para hacerlo. De forma amena y compartida, se irán abriendo los caminos, las puertas y las ventanas de tu imaginación y de tus recuerdos, y, al final del mismo, tendrás en las manos una “caja de herramientas” para convertirte en escritor, para tu regocijo… y el de tus seres queridos!

Sesión 1
– Introducción
– ¿Qué es un cuento?: rasgos básicos
– El asunto de la inspiración
– Discusión y ejercicios.

Sesión 2
– Los personajes ¿cómo se crean?
– Los temas de cuentos
– ¿Cómo se miden los cuentos? Los límites…
– Discusión y ejercicios.

Sesión 3
– ¿Quién cuenta el cuento? Yo, tú, él, nosotros…
– Herramientas para organizarse: línea de tiempo y otras
– Discusión y ejercicios.

Sesión 4
– El anzuelo del primer párrafo!
– Y ahora, escribe, escribe, escribe: el drama de la página en blanco…
– Discusión y ejercicios.

Sesión 5
– La edición: corregir y corregir…pero hay que terminar!
– ¿Cómo no rendirse ni renunciar?
– Discusión y ejercicios: sugerencias, atajos, pistas y comodines

Características generales:

5 sesiones de 2 horas cada una, una vez por semana
Clases en Grupo
Modalidad: Evento participativo
Varios horarios a escoger

Public Speaking Workshop
Directed by Indira Leal

How many times have you been in a situation in which you have to give a presentation? Teach a particular subject to coworkers? Explain and present your case in front of a qualified jury? It’s your turn, and while you walk towards the podium and all the people awaiting for your presentation, you start to feel that uneasiness in the stomach, your heart racing, sweaty hands. All of the sudden, your body trembles and hundreds of doubts cloud your thoughts. Sound familiar?
Would you like to learn specific techniques that can help you cope with these issues when confronted in a public speaking situation?

Register today and decide to conquer all those obstacles and fears of speaking in public with an expert in the field, the renowned Venezuelan Actress, Producer and Director, Indira Leal.

In this workshop on Public Speaking, you will learn and study subjects such as: self-confidence, stage fright control, voice usage and pronunciation, relaxation, breathing techniques. As well as many important aspects pertaining the workplace environment.

After years of experience as an actress and theater director, Indira Leal worked as talent for TV commercials and later became a casting coach and director for talent agencies, scouting and recruiting talent as well as new faces for the advertising industry.

Indira Leal reached notoriety in Venezuela as professional Stage productions of Henrik Ibsen’s plays, Hedda Gabler, Doll’s House, and Ghosts. She also acted on numerous TV Soap Operas back in Venezuela, such as “La Inolvidable” and “Cambio de Piel”

In this Workshop, you’ll learn to use the important tools to conquer your stage fright when speaking in public or even to succeed at your next job interview and other social situations. All of these skills will improve your life while you explore and discover your own spontaneity, flexibility and strengthen your image and self-confidence before others and yourself!


Cuántas veces hemos estado en esta situación…Es su turno…y nos encontramos frente a un auditorio esperando por nuestra exposición…comenzamos a sentir una presión en el estomago…palpitaciones en el corazón…sudan nuestras manos…y de pronto nos encontramos con un temblor que recorre nuestro cuerpo y miles de dudas en nuestra mente.
Te suena familiar?…Quisieras aprender técnicas especificas para hablar en público?…Ven y decide a vencer todos esos obstáculos y miedos, con una experta en el tema, la reconocida actriz y directora venezolana Indira Leal.

En el taller Como Hablar en Publico, se abordan temas como seguridad y control del miedo escénico, voz y dicción, relajación, respiración. Además, se manejarán aspectos importantes para la vida laboral.

Tras una extensa trayectoria como actriz y posteriormente como directora teatral, Indira ha incursionado como talento en comerciales y luego ella misma ha tenido experiencia en el reclutamiento y selección de nuevos rostros para la industria publicitaria. Asi como profesora de actuación.
Leal es recordada como la protagonista de excelentes montajes, entre los cuales destacan Hedda Gabler , Casa de muñecas y Espectros, de Henrik Ibsen. Ha Tenido destacados roles en telenovelas como La inolvidable y Cambio de piel.

“En este taller te daremos las herramientas necesarias para poder vencer tu miedo escénico, tanto a la hora de hablar en público como al ir a una entrevista de trabajo y para la vida social. Desarrollaras tus mejores cualidades sociales que mejoraran notablemente tu vida privada, explorando tu espontaneidad, flexibilidad, destrezas histriónicas, imagen y seguridad ante los demás y ante una cámara. Un asesoramiento personalizado de superación.

Indira leal

Taught by Indira Leal

– Voice and Pronunciation
– Body Language
– Relaxation
– Casting Preparation
– Handling the Script
– Memorization
– Creating the Character
– Moving on the Stage
– Acting for T.V.


First module:
– First Session: self-awareness of your body, relaxation.
– Second Session: practicing with the body, relaxation.
– Third Session: body language expression, movement.
– Fourth Session: rhythm, confidence, and dancing.
– Fifth Session: breathing.
– Sixth Session: Voice, its usage and projecting your voice.
– Seventh Session: pronunciation.
– Eighth Session: reading.

Second module:
– First Session: concentration, visualization.
– Second Session: Observation and Imagination.
– Third Session: Memorization.
– Fourth Session: Text (script) analysis.
– Fifth Session: character analysis.
– Sixth Session: creating the character.
– Seventh Session: typical characters (cliches)
– Eighth Session: the character’s voice, complementary tips.

Third Module:
– First Session: moving on stage, rehearsals.
– Second Session: Director-Actor interaction.
– Third Session: Actor- Actor interaction.
– Fourth Session: Actor-Object interaction.
– Fifth Session: Actor-Play’s elements.
– Sixth Session: Acting, on Film and Theater.
– Seventh Session: Casting Preparation.
– Eight Session: Acting on TV.

Complimentary Module:
This session will be used to prepared and rehearse the production of a small theater piece, where students could show all skills learned in front of an audience.

Taller de Actuación para Casting Integral y Creativo.
Dictado por Indira Leal

Si uno de tus sueños es estar en tv, esta es una manera accesible de aprender a ingresar al mundo de la publicidad. Te enseñamos a realizar casting en las diferentes agencias explorando tu espontaneidad, flexibilidad, destrezas histriónicas, imagen y seguridad ante la cámara. También entraras en un archivo de video que será enviado a diferentes agencias para que te dejes ver.
Este conocimiento te ayudará además para desenvolverte en otras actividades, obtendrás armas para el desenvolvimiento y la soltura con confianza en ti mismo y seguridad. Un asesoramiento personalizado de superación .

Cronograma de actividades:

Día 1:
Presentación Personal. Este día se dará asesoría personalizada qué incluye aspecto físico, vestuario, maquillaje, nociones de voz y dicción, concentración y confianza en sí mismo.
Día 2:
Manejo de Cámara de video. Cómo manejarse ante la cámara, perderle el miedo, auto confianza, cómo realizar un casting básico, casting actuado, memorización de textos, conocer sus propias expresiones faciales.
Día 3:
Fotos, Contratos, Agencias y Productoras. La foto-pose, manejo ante cámara fotográfica, conocimiento de los contratos, el proceso publicitario; labores de las agencias y las productoras de publicidad.
Día 4:
Comerciales de TV. Actuación para los casting y para comerciales, exigencias, proceso con el director, la producción, vestuario y maquillaje.
Día 5:
Casting. Realización de casting como prueba final en donde los alumnos entraran al archivo de Creative Casting para ser manejados como agencia para ingresar al mercado de trabajo. Entrega de certificado.

Indira Leal