Join us, discover your soul in every note.

Fun courses for all skill levels! The piano classes focus on development for beginner, intermediate and advanced level students.

Beginner level classes will target musical initiation and techniques while creating a repertoire which is custom built for the individual’s development.Intermediate and advanced level students are offered the option for specialization in classical music, with techniques and studies from the great classical composers of all time, as well as the option for Jazz Piano, Latin Piano, and Afro-Latino Piano, all with their respective repertoires.

  • Classical Piano:
    • Classical, Initiation & Advanced:
    • One On One Lessons for Children, Teens & Adults.  Technique, interpretation styles and repertoire.
    • Piano Initiation Group Lessons. 60 Minutes each session
  • POP Piano Rhythm & Blues:
    • One On One Lessons Children, Teens & Adults
    • Group Lessons Style and repertoire. Once a week 60 Minute session
  • Latin & Jazz Piano:
    • Afro American Jazz, Jazz fusion and Afro Caribbean Style and repertoire.
    • Teens & Adults
    • Group lessons for Children Groups with no more than 4 students

Monthly Tuition Options

  • One on One Lessons 30 Min
  • One on One Lessons 55 Min
  • Group Lessons 55 Min

Pablo Gil - Woodwind, Saxophone and Flute Recorder

Pablo Gil (POP Piano)

Eugenia Mendez

Eugenia Mendez (Classical, Initiation, Jazz & Advanced 

Carlos López (Classical)

Carlos López (Classical)

Laura Lambulay (Initiation, Classical, Latin)

Our teaching methodology is designed to provide programs tailored to the specific profile of each student. 

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