Kalos Music & Art School teaching methodology is designed to provide programs tailored to the specific profile of each student.

We consider a variety of attributes for each student that includes: age, maturity, psychomotor development, previous experience, individual potential, and unique talents. Because we are looking to combine all those attributes, your musical or artistic journey at Kalos starts with an Initial experience called Trial Class.

We strongly believe there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to studying music or art. Our Trial Class allows you to experience the quality of our program and our award-winning teaching method in Music (i.e.: Rhythm & Melody Class method) or Art (Art Tech & Creativity class) and more.

During the Trial Class, the instructor will learn your skills, strengths, and goals. Together we will build a specialized program that will help you develop dexterity, ear-training, mastery in your musical area, and techniques and creativity in your artistic approach.

Learning a musical instrument is a long-term commitment and mastering your ability to create a piece of art requires work and dedication. Only the right match which will help you have a positive and productive learning experience in both disciplines.



       1. Sign up for the Trial Class online by clicking the button above.

       2. Get to know each other.
            Prior to our trial class, we will have a phone call or WhatsApp chat about your likes, motivation and/or needs so we can properly plan your trial class experience.

  1. A Taste of a lesson.
    We will offer you a tour to our school followed by a trial experience with the teacher we selected for you.
  1. A customized plan for you.
    You will receive an assessment together with the recommended program that will fit your skill set best.

The cost of the trial class is $39.99. When you enroll, that amount will be applied to your first class.

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