Orianna Gutierrez

Orianna Gutierrez was born and raised in Miami, Florida and is a Vocal Performance Major at the FIU School of Music. Her love for music surfaced at the age of 5 when her parents signed her up at Kids Village Performing Arts Center. There, she began to explore the arts such as dancing and singing and thus found her passion. As the years progressed, she found herself performing in school choirs, bands, and theatrical productions. in 2017, she performed in the FIU production of Il Matrimonio Segreto as the role of Elisetta. in the Spring of 2017, she traveled to Cuba with the FIU Concert Choir to perform Martin Palmeri’s Misa Tango. She is also the Soprano Section Leader at St.Johns on the Lake in Miami Beach.

The method of vocal technique I studied in college is a mixture between different pedagogical school . Since I received training in a mix of techniques I don’t have a specific name for it, but the closest thing I can think of is Bel Canto technique. The idea is that maximizing the use of breath support is the main objective in order to produce rich and beautiful sounds. I teach my students to constantly rely on their breath support and to feel very grounded in their posture in order to maximize their success. I’ve learned breathing both ways, tucking in the belly or expanding the ribs, and I provide my students with both techniques and let them choose which one feels most comfortable to them since both can be successful when done correctly. I also emphasize in my teachings that singing and speaking go hand in hand and both should receive significant breath support at all times.

  • Soprano Section Leader at Ronald Reagan/Doral Senior High School Reagan Singers
  • Member of Troupe 7063 at Ronald Reagan/Doral Senior High School
  • Protean (ensemble role) in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
  • Inga (lead role) in Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein at Ronald Reagan Senior High
  • Soprano Section Leader and Soloist at St. Johns on the Lake in Miami Beach
  • Masterclass with Helen & Klaus Donath (first year, Undergrad)
  • Musical Theater Masterclass with Anjane Firestone (first year, Undergrad)
  • Masterclass with Conductor Andrew Bizants (second year, Undergrad)
  • Masterclass with Countertenor, Steven Rickards (second year, Undergrad)
  • Elisetta (lead role) in FIU’s Opera production of Il Matrimonio Segreto by Domenico Cimarosa (second year, Undergrad)



Another facet of Elisa is her career as a Publicist. For decades she has been a spokesperson for several important brands, including:

  • “Most Dedicated” Award for Reagan/Doral Senior High Choir (third and fourth year)
  • “Best Actress” Award for Reagan/Doral Senior High Drama (fourth year)
  • “Superior” Rating for Solo/Ensemble Districts in Musical Theater (fourth year, High School)
  • “Superior Honors” Rating for Solo/Ensemble States in Musical Theater (fourth year, High School)
  • Semi-finalist in SERNATS 2015 Competition (first year, Undergra
  • President of The FIU Students of The National Association of Teachers of Singing 2016-2017
  • Fluent in both English and Spanish
  • On the FIU Deans List for four consecutive semesters (3.5 GPA and above)
  • Proficient in Music Theory and sight-reading as well as basic piano skills.
  • Teaches private voice lessons to high school students, and has had a few elementary-aged students.
  • A member of FIU’s Concert Choir invited to tour Cuba for Martin Palmeri’s 20th anniversary of Misa Tango: Misa a Buenos Aires (2017).
  • Currently the first student to be enrolled in FIU’s Vocal Performance Accelerated 4+1 Master’s Program.