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Lucia is a performing artist and director with experience in the field of dance and theater. She began her career in her native Brazil, where she worked extensively with well- known choreographers and directors in dance, theater and film. In Miami, she became active in the arts community, applying her skills to provide directorial support for original works by artists such as Heather Maloney, Jose Manuel Dominguez, Elizabeth Doud and Jennylin Duany, Giovanni Luquini, and Gary Lund. Her own theatrical and choreographic work has been presented by Miami Light Project, The Arsht Center, and FUNDarte. Since its founding, Lucia has been a core team member at Inkub8, which is a laboratory studio for the contemporary and hybrid forms. Currently, she is a teaching artist for students with disabilities with Karen Peterson’s YEP Program, and with VSA Florida.

Lucia Aratanha is interested in the dynamics of cultural transplant, and the imprint of culture in the body.

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  • Movement/Theatre Workshop 2003
    Six weeks training in Viewpoints and Suzuki method with SITI Company (New York, NY)
  • Dance/Theatre Workshop 2002
    Pinto Contemporary Dance from Israel (Miami, FL)
  • Movement/Theatre Workshop 2001
    Joe Goode Group from San Francisco with Director Joe Goode (Miami, FL)
  • Apprenticeship in RePosturing 2000 -­? 2004
    Felipe Azambuja (Miami, FL)
  • Workshop/ Site-­?Specific Performance 2000
    Collage Dance Theatre of Los Angeles with Director Heidi Duckler (Miami, FL)
  • Massage Therapy 1996
    Graduated at Educating Hands School of Massage (Miami, FL)
  • Kinetic Awareness Workshop 1995
    with Elaine Summers (Miami, FL)
  • Modern dance technique 1987
    with Gary Lund (Rio, Brazil)
  • Dramatic Arts 1984 -­? 1985
    with Carlos Wilson (Rio, Brazil)
  • Modern dance 1982 -­? 1983
    Graham technique at Alvin Ailey Studio (NY, USA) Linn Simonsen (NY, USA)
    Jo Jo Smith (NY, USA)
  • Technique Classes 1979 -­? 1982
    Ballet with Jane Blaut and Umberto Silva (São Paulo, Brazil) Graham technique with Clarisse Abujamra (São Paulo, Brazil)
    Modern dance with Sonia Mota and Suzana Yamauchi (São Paulo, Brazil)
  • Technique Classes 1975 -­? 1978
    Ballet with Tatiana Leskova (Rio, Brazil)
    Modern technique with Vilma Vernon, Marly Tavares and Lennie Dale (Rio, Brazil)
  • Bachelors Degree 1977
    Graduated in Tourism Administration from Estácio de Sá University (Rio, Brazil)
  • Contemporary dance and Improvisation 1974 -­? 1976 Victoria Larrain and Gerry Maretsky (Rio, Brazil)
  • Ballet Stagium Winter Festival 1975
    Martha Graham technique with Clarisse Abujamra, Ballet with Geralda and Acting with Ademar Guerra (São Paulo, Brazil)
  • Modern dance and Jazz Techniques 1962 -­? 1974 Enid Sauer School of Modern Dance (Rio, Brazil)

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BRAZIL / Most notable collaborations as choreographer and director:

    • Choreographer and Movement Director
      “Meteoro” a feature film by Diego de la Texera 2002
    • Movement Director
      for “A Bau A Qu”, “A Morta”, “Melodrama” and “Cobaias de Satã”
      Cia dos Atores – Award winner Theater Company directed by Enrique Diaz 1990-­?1998
    • Director
      Choreographer in collaboration with Cristina Dias “PLIM , o Musical” by M. L. Priolli & Cristina Dias 1985
    • Choreographer
      “Trem Azul” -­? a Music Concert Singer: Elis Regina 1981
    • Choreographer
      “Rasga Coração” by Oduvaldo Vianna Filho Directed by José Renato 1980
    • Choreographer
      “A Toda Coragem” a Dance-­?Theatre Concert by Breno Mascarenhas Directed by Ana Maria Dias 1979


  • Performer “mujer_cita_MIA” – Film by MDC Auditorium Performer
    Dinorah de Jesus Rodriguez 2013
  • “Dancer” – Film by Dara Friedman
    Art Basel Miami 2011
  • Director and Set Designer 2010
    “Hilo” -­? a physical theater play by José Manuel Domínguez
    Work in Progress presented and supported by Inkub8 and Miami Made (Incubator grant from the Arsht Center)
    Finished work presented by FundArte’s Miami on Stage Festival
  • Performer 2008–2009
    “Blue Ribbon” – various characters “Cavaletti’s Dream” – Old Cavaletti
    Puppet plays by visual artist Pablo Cano – director and choreographer: Katherine Kramer Museum of Contemporary Art – MOCA
  • Director, Choreographer and Performer
    “Swallowing the Moon” – solo work for the Here & Now Fest commissioned by Miami Light Project in partnership with Arsht Center for the Performing Arts 2007
  • Concept and Directorship
    “Hostages of the Arts: Surrender” – an interactive, interdisciplinary performance art installation in collaboration with Gary Lund 2006
  • Performer
    “Tarântula” – Choreographed by Susana Yamauchi Tigertail Productions’ 4th FLA-­?BRA Festival 1998
  • Performer 1997-­?2006
    Giovanni Luquini & Dancers
    “Flirt”; “Galope”; “Wrong Clue”; “Persona” and “A Poem” by Giovanni Luquini National and International Tour
  • Movement Director 1997-­?2004
    Collaborations with writer/director Ricky J. Martinez
    “.Epar” Performed by Akropolis Acting Company at New Theatre
    “Concerning Phaedra, A Myth In Dialogue And Movement” -­? commissioned and presented by Miami Light Project -­? Here & Now Fest
    “Nest of Scorpions” -­? stage reading produced by Juggernaut Homegrown Series


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