Kalos Music & Art School

Harmony 3-week Intensive Summer Workshop

Pave the way to Improvisation and increase music comprehension!

Enjoy music by studying, playing and eventually mastering its theoretical foundations.
Also, learn amazing tips that will improve your performances!

This course is aimed at:

· Intermediate level students who read and play music.
· Advanced students with little or no knowledge about Harmony.

Course Description:
Two Units, each consisting of 3-week Intensive Workshops.
1-hour sessions, twice a week

Unit One
June 12th to 30th
Tuesdays and Thursdays 7 pm
1. Getting acquainted with the keyboard, an element which will act as the main visual reference during the course.
2. Intervals
3. Major scales
4. Harmonizing the major scales
5. Tonal regions: main chords
6. Blues as a traditional American form and compendium of all the tonal regions
Unit Two
July 10th to 28th
Tuesdays and Thursdays 7 pm
1. Harmonic Analysis of musical pieces, playing on the piano and on your instrument
2. Harmonic exercise on the blues: playing chords on the piano and scales and arpeggios with your own instrument
3. Tonal regions: substitutes

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