Eugenia Mendez

Eugenia Mendez

Co-Founder / Academic Director / Musical initiation; Classical, Initiation, Jazz & Advanced Piano & Voice Teacher

Eugenia Mendez is a pianist, singer, composer, arranger, music teacher, creator of children’s music, musical stories, and education methodologies for young music apprentices.

After winning the Wiener Musikschulen 1991 annual competition Vienna – Austria, Eugenia graduated from the Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst or Superior School of Music and Performing Arts of Mannheim/ Heidelberg- Germany.

Since 1995, she has performed in very important venues, festivals and jazz clubs in Germany, Austria, England, the United States, Mexico and Venezuela.

Her artistry explores the aesthetics of the great Venezuelan, American and European composers and those of traditional Latin American and jazz music, in a search for affinities and contrasts between rhythms and styles from different cultures and periods.

Parallel to her musical artistic career, and since a very young age, Eugenia has been working on the development of pedagogical methodologies for music education.

In 2012, she Co-Founded Kalos Music & Art School, located in Aventura, FL, USA.

As part of the Kalos Music and Art School Academic Director role, Eugenia Mendez is in charge of the development of contents for the Music Initiation, piano, Ensemble, Harmony and Musical language programs, among others.


In Venezuela
Tributes to:

  • Academic chamber music composers of Latin America,
  • Duke Ellington,
  • Ray Charles,
  • Led Zeppelin,
  • Woodstock and Janis Joplin,
  • Several Venezuelan composers,
  • Tribute to the music of the Venezuelan New Trend with her own arrangements.
  • Tribute to Maestro Aldemaro Romero.


  • Stage Café de Altamira,
  • Colonia Tovar,
  • Corp Banca,
  • Ateneo de Caracas,
  • Asociación Cultural Humboldt,
  • Opera de Maracay,
  • Casa de la Embajada de Francia en Caracas, among others.

In Europe:

  • Mannheim Reiss Museum with German cellist Bianca Breitfeld,
  • International Jazz Festival “Panorama del Jazz”,
  • Radio UNAM (Universidad Nacional de México) with composer and Contrabass player Maestro Roberto Aymes trio,
  • Jazz Club “New Morning” in Paris, France,
  • Manolo`s Stage in Viena,
  • Bolívar Concert Hall in London,
  • 2006 International Tour “Onda Latina” in Austria with composer and Bandola/ Mandolin player Saúl Vera.


  • 2000 Afinidades
    Prod. Federico Pacanins y Eugenia Méndez
  • 2001 Aventura en Caracas
    Indie Prod/ R. Jiménez, Caracas- Venezuela
  • 2003 Panorama del Jazz
    Prod. Jazzcat/ Roberto Aymes, México
  • 2004 Embrase-moi
    Prod. Afina2 C.A.
  • 2005 Video & music for the film Borrador
    by Jacobo Penzo, Caracas- Venezuela
  • 2006 Video La Potranca Zaina
    Video Clip Pimentón Films
  • 2007 Inner Rhythm
    Prod. Eugenia Méndez y Alfonso Móntes
  • 2009 Mirando al Sur
    C.D. Prod.Tono Cumboto Producciones/ E. Méndez y Saúl Vera



Eugenia Méndez – A star in the jazz firmament
…a truly passionate interpretation giving each phrase and
note its value and quality, which makes its exceptional in all this
Whether it’s in Spanish, English, French or German, Eugenia
communicates her sensuality, her passion, her commitment and
the charm of that eternal strive for romance…
From Finland with love by Roberto Aymes
August, 2006

…Mendez knows how to approach the classic jazz while she
overcomes the traditional genres of the Venezuelan and World
music, blues, bolero, tonada- through a well-measured and well
played professional improvisation in a original tropical jazzy way
from a genuine but intense Caribbean musical style.
The Vaudeville of EUGENIA MENDEZ
by Alicia Freilich
June 2005

Eugenia Méndez: she can research and search, test, interpret
and perform the “classic” popular repertoire through her own
personality, allowing the audience to experience many important
“surprises” to get us out of the “deja vu”, the boredom, and lethargy
of the already seen, studied, and commercialized.
Jaques Braunstein from the concert “Erotic Poetic Meeting”,
Poetry Festival of Alliance Française and the
French Embassy in Caracas- Venezuela “Lire en Fete”.