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Kalos Music & Art School

Art exhibition and workshop:
De lo Espiritual en el Arte (From the Spiritual to the Artistic)

Susana Amundarain
Michelle Arias
Nadia Benatar

Kalos Music & Art School
20636 Biscayne Blvd. Aventura, FL. 33180
November 21st, 2015 – 5PM – RSVP (305) 933 4777

Kalos Music & Art School is proud to present the exhibition “From the Spiritual to the Artistic” curated by renowned Venezuelan art collector, Sol Bendayan.
The title of this presentation was extracted from a book published by famed Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky, in which the artist insists that the essence of any work of art responds to an interior need of the artist. Through the work of these three notable Venezuelan artists, the exhibition seeks to acquaint the viewer with the true meaning of art, -an intimate and universal manifestation of the artist’s inner self- and explore pillars of art such as the line, form, rhythm, texture, composition and color. The inauguration will take place on Saturday November 21st at 5 p.m. at Kalos Music & Art School.

Nadia Benatar explores the reutilization of common and industrial materials such as aluminum, acrylic, copper, etc.. providing them with new meanings. With these materials she draws, composes, plays, creates forms and reflects on the fundamental role of positive and negative space.

Susana Amundarain abandons momentarily the abstract chromatism of her earlier pieces to find new avenues in expressive minimalism. In this new facet, she draws lines filled with emotion; contours that feel contained, composed and are full of color.

Michelle Arias uses sand to rediscover our ancestral geometry, the form that delineates a path towards meditation and focus of the spirit.
Viewers will remain astonished as they explore the work of these three renowned artists. They will become immersed in a vast world in which continuous lines and geometric shapes weave a three dimensional space, generating a gravitational, at times transparent and ephemerous visual sensation. Strokes in which volume is expressed within itself and its ethereal character in a minimalistic way.

A world of lines and form which will give viewers the keys to decipher the interior needs of the artists, just like Wassily Kandinsky expressed in his own paintings. A world which will awaken the intuition of creative auras and which will reaffirm Al Weiwei’s philosophy that “Art is a mental activity, an attitude, a lifestyle”.