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Students will be provided of technique, music reading skills, a wide range of interpretation styles and repertoire. Throughout three 12- week Terms, students will develop repertoire which they could play at the Seasonal Student concert.

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  • Bowed Strings:

One on One Lessons for Children, Teens & Adults
Group Lessons, Ensemble Practice

  • Plucked Strings:

 The Plucked Strings program strives to achieve musical mastery in fun and creative ways! We offer a variety of products which include:

  • Pop Guitar: Centered around the musical repertoire of popular songs, as well as the repertoire from the Rhythm and Blues genre.
  • Rock Guitar: Focused on the development of the technique required for a soloist electric guitar player, following a repertoire which is based on the greatest guitar solos of all time.
  • Classic Guitar: This course is oriented towards musical education, focused on learning how to read music while utilizing an acoustic guitar, developing a classical and traditional repertoire with duet and ensemble options.
  • Guitar: Pop, Jazz, Rock Electric and Classical Guitar

One on One and Group Lessons. Playing and Coaching Sessions for Teens & Adults.
Once a week 60 Minute session

  • Latin-American and World plucked Strings

One on One Lessons for Children, Teens & Adults.
Group Lessons, Ensemble Practice.

Once a week 60 Minute session

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