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Kalos Summer Academy 2019 “Around the World”

Jump in the magic hot air balloon and travel "Around the World" with your friends during Summer 2019! Tons of adventures await while we visit Japan, Morocco, and Venezuela! Every week we'll travel to a new country where you will learn everything about its celebrations, legends, music, art, and dances. Book now your 3-week vacations "Around the World" with Kalos Music & Art School! Session 1: June 10th - 28th Session 2: July 8th - 26th 9AM - 3PM / 4 to 12 Y.O. Snack Included Fill the form for more info or contact us: https://kalos.orbund.com/einstein-freshair/public_contact_form.jsp?id=76&fid=42 (305)933.4777 info@kalosmusicandart www.kalosmusicandart.com 20634 Biscayne Blvd. Aventura, FL 33180

Hablando de Música con Saúl Vera – 17 Enero 2019

Kalos Music & Art School presenta Hablando de Música con Saul Vera Musica Venezolana de Origen Africano Primer encuentro del año 2019! El próximo Jueves, 17 de Enero 7:30pm a 9:00pm junto a Saúl Vera. Ven a descubrir todas la historias detrás de grandes obras y géneros musicales en la segunda temporada de Hablando de Música!

Taller de Escritura con Colette Siwka – 16 Enero 2019

Kalos Music & Art School Presenta TALLER DE ESCRITURA con Colette Siwka "Biografías, Diarios y Memorias" Miércoles 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm INICIO: 16 ENERO, 2019 Acompañanos en este nuevo desafío literario! Junto a Colette Siwka aprenderás formulas, secretos y pistas para que puedas adentrar en esta fascinante aventura de compartir los caminos de realidad, verdad y ficción de la Biografía, Diarios y Memorias. INSCRIPCION: (305) 933.4777 info@kalosmusicandart.com Kalos Music & Art School 20634 Biscayne Blvd. Aventura, FL 33180

Taller de Escritura con Colette Siwka – Noviembre 2018

TALLER DE ESCRITURA con Colette Siwka "Cómo escribir cuentos" Miércoles 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm INICIO: 7 NOVIEMBRE, 2018 Escribir cuentos es una entretenida, gratificante y sanadora experiencia personal. Si sientes la pasión y la urgencia de contar tus cuentos, este Taller te dará herramientas sencillas, prácticas y rápidas para hacerlo. De forma amena y compartida, se irán abriendo los caminos, las puertas y las ventanas de tu imaginación y de tus recuerdos, y, al final del Taller tendrás en las manos una “caja de herramientas” para convertirte en una escritora, para tu regocijo… y el de tus seres queridos! INSCRIPCION: (305) 933.4777 info@kalosmusicandart.com Kalos Music & Art School 20634 Biscayne Blvd. Aventura, FL 33180

6-Week Drawing Workshop with Peter Hosfeld

Get an intensive learning experience to keep improving your drawing skills. Artist Peter Hosfeld will go into specific concepts and technique each week: line, form, depth and volume, even a bit of color!

Leo Quintero Trio

Kalos Music & Art School presents Leo Quintero Trio Saturday, November 3rd at 8:00 pm Javier Espinoza – E-bass Adolfo Herrera – Drums Special Guest Angela Uzcátegui 20634 Biscayne Blvd. Aventura, FL 33180 (305) 933.4777

An Evening of Chamber Music

Kalos Music & Art School presents An Evening of Chamber Music Join us next October 20th at 8:00 pm for An Evening of Chamber Music and enjoy music from marvelous composers with this unusual ensemble. 20634 Biscayne Blvd. Aventura, FL 33180 (305) 933.4777

Nicaulis Alliey – Flute Concert – Sept 15th 8pm

Kalos Music & Art School presents Nicaulis Alliey Flute Concert Performing artist, teacher, and author, Flutist Nicaulis Alliey arrives at Kalos Music & Art School on Saturday, September 15th, 2018 at 8:00 pm Nicaulis Alliey is a Doctor of Musical Arts from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and holds a Masters of Music from Sorbonne University (Paris), Études Supérieures in Flute under renowned flutist Raymond Guiot (Paris), and a degree of Profesor Ejecutante (Venezuela). Alliey has appeared as a soloist, chamber musician and flute teacher in France, the United States and the Caribbean area. Dr. Alliey develops her artistic work as a flutist with Music of the Americas Ensemble, Duo Alliey, the Lincoln Symphony Orchestra (NE), as a board member of the Music of the Americas Project, and with La Cuadra Venezolana (traditional-fusion Venezuelan music). https://kalosmusicandart.com/product/nicaulisalliey/ 20634 Biscayne Blvd. Aventura, FL 33180 (305) 933.4777

“My Playlist” Alexandra Fincheltub Farewell Concert

Alexandra Fincheltub My Playlist Sunday, June 10th at 6:00 pm Kalos Music & Art School proudly presents an exclusive and special concert of our dear student Alexandra Fincheltub. . Alexandra started her music education at Kalos. Now is time to spread the wings and together we’re hosting a farewell concert with special guests Eugenia Mendez and Pedro Castillo, and Miguel Hernández, Hernan Matute next JUNE 10 at 6:00 PM . She will be sharing her favorite songs from all these years together! . 20634 Biscayne Blvd. Aventura FL 33180

Kalos Summer Academy 2018 – Hakuna Matata

Kalos Music & Art School presents Kalos Summer Academy Hakuna Matata! July 9th to 27th 2018 9:00am to 3:00pm 6 to 12 years old Snack Included (kosher) Welcome to Kalos Summer Academy 2018! Join Simba to discover what it takes to be the King of African Pride Lands. You will be part of his adventures of surviving his uncle treason, making a new life in the jungle, beat mean hyenas and defeat his fears by rescuing the animal kingdom he´s supposed to rule as his father once did. During the 3week Summer Academy children will experience the creative process of putting together their own version of Lion King musical. A group of highly qualified teachers will share with the young producers the art of act, dance, songwriting, music recording and costume design. Prices: - Non-Kalos’ Students: $1,193.43 - Kalos’ Students (10%): $1,074.09 *must be active students on May 31st, 2018 Siblings Discount (5%): $1,133.76 Contact us: (305) 933.4777 info@kalosmusicandart.com 20634 Biscayne Blvd. Aventura, FL 33180

Kids Summer Academy 2018

Kalos Music & Art School presents Kids Summer Academy June 11th to 22nd 2018 9:00am to 1:00pm Kids Summer Academy 2018 Let´s get together for 2 weeks of fun music and art activities for the youngest ones of the family. Kids will get into the amazing world of music and art through exposure to sound, singing, musical games, and art and craft activities to trigger creativity and develop new skills! Contact us: (305) 933.4777 info@kalosmusicandart.com 20634 Biscayne Blvd. Aventura, FL 33180

Crossing the Morning Mirror – Eugenia Mendez

Kalos Music & Art School presents Eugenia Mendez Crossing the Morning Mirror Saturday, June 30th, 2018 at 8:00 pm Once the chaos brakes down, there’s an infinite void where all begins again; A pure space in which your reflexion encounters a new path to create with absolute freedom. Embark this voyage with pianist, singer, and composer Eugenia Mendez by “Crossing the Morning Mirror” while discovering her roots and new release. 20634 Biscayne Blvd. Aventura, FL 33180 (305) 933.4777

Hablando de Musica ….. con German Marcano y Maibel Troia

Kalos Music & Art School presenta Hablando de Música. . . Con German Marcano y Maible Troia Miércoles 13 de Junio a Miércoles 27 de Junio. 7:00pm a 8:30pm Hablando de Música. . . Con German Marcano y Maibel Troia Detrás de cada pieza musical hay una gran historia, una razón de su estructura, un compositor lleno de vivencias y exigencias para completar cada obra. Ven a descubrir una manera distinta de escuchar y apreciar la música junto a Maibel Troia y German Marcano durante el verano. Todos los miércoles a las 7:00pm en Kalos Music & Art School. • Junio 13 – Cantata Criolla de Antonio Estevez. German Marcano • Junio 20– Novena Sinfonía de Ludwig van Beethoven. Maibel Troia • Junio 27 – Don Quijote de Ludwig Minkus. German Marcano 3 Sesiones - $120 1 Sesion - $45

A Day & Evening with Nestor Torres – May 12th 2018

Kalos Music & Art School Presents A Day with Nestor Torres Master Class & Recital Saturday, May 12th, 2018 Kalos Music & Art School Proudly presents an intensive and comprehensive learning and music making experience with Maestro Nestor Torres on Saturday, May 12th, 2018, celebrating the second year of Nestor Torres’ Flute Studio at Kalos. The journey starts at 3:00 pm with a three-hour Master Class where 8 flutists and instrumentalists will have the opportunity to receive one on one instruction, followed by a jam session where all observers are coached on improvisation and musical expression by Maestro Torres. This will be an eclectic musical experience; participants & students at all levels will learn about standard Classical flute repertoire as well as improvisation, Jazz & Latin American Music. Plus you do not have to be a flute player. All instrumentalists are welcome! Then, at 7:30 pm., Nestor Torres will present ‘del Caribe soy!’, an intimate recital where he will be performing the music of his first Classical recording release ‘del Caribe soy!’ featuring members of The Kalos Music & Art School faculty and special guest artists. “It is truly a joy to have my Flute Studio at the Kalos Music & Art School. In its very nurturing environment, people of all ages come together to learn and experience the true joy of music making”, said Torres. “Furthermore, its intimate recital space is ideal for very personal and powerful performances, where the audience and the artist truly become one.” Participation and seating are limited! You may attend either the Master Class (as participant or observer), the Recital, or have the Full Nestor Torres Day & Evening Experience by attending both! Here’s how: MASTER CLASS – 3:00pm to 6:00pm – Participant – $60 – Observer – $25 Available to instrumentalists, not just flutists; must be ready to play and participate – Online students $25 – All questions will be answered; there will be a follow up to every question not answered at the Master Class. You will receive a code to access the Master Class – Companion $15 RECITAL “del Caribe soy!” – 7:30pm – $30 There will be a meet & greet and CD signing opportunity with Mr. after the recital FULL EXPERIENCE – Participant $75 – Observer $45 – Companion $40

Experience Venezuela through Maniapure

Kalos Music & Art School, in association with Ron Santa Teresa, and Venezuela a 6 Mil Pies are proud to present an extraordinary evening to celebrate the launch of Maniapure Foundation USA - the international branch of Fundación Proyecto Maniapure in Venezuela. Maestro Saul Vera and Ron Santa Teresa will offer a glimpse of Venezuelan music and flavors while you travel through an extraordinary photo exhibition of Venezuela a 6 Mil Pies by unstoppable adventurer and pilot Ricardo Sanabria. Maniapure Foundation USA means health and education for the inhabitants of remote communities in southern Venezuela. Fundación Proyecto Maniapure, in alliance with ADS, offers Telemedicine and education programs that considerably improve the quality of life of indigenous and Creole communities. Next Saturday, March 17th at 8:00 pm you will embark on a journey to beautiful Venezuelan landscapes, music, and flavors while you support this extremely important cause and get to know co-founder and social entrepreneur of the year 2012 Dr. Tomás Sanabria and co-founder Mrs. Rossy Maal-de-Sanabria. Saturday, March 17th at 8:00 pm Tickets: $50 Kalos Music & Art School 20634 Biscayne Boulevard, Aventura FL 33180 Donations will be received through I Love Venezuela Foundation, an important ally of Fundación Proyecto Maniapure and ADS.

Olga López & Daniela Padrón

Olga López & Daniela Padrón Duet Concert Saturday, May 5th at 8:00 pm Tickets: $25 Kalos Music & Art School 20634 Biscayne Boulevard, Aventura FL 33180 Violinist Daniela Padrón joins her mother, the renowned Venezuelan pianist Olga López, in a beautiful duet project featuring Latin American academic composers.

Pianist Elizabeth Guerrero Concert

Elizabeth Guerrero Piano Concert Saturday, April 21st at 8:00 pm Tickets: $25 Kalos Music & Art School 20634 Biscayne Boulevard, Aventura FL 33180 Venezuelan pianist, Elizabeth Guerrero will share a delightful concert with sounds of Chopin, Rhythm from America and Traditional Venezuelan Music with special guest Saúl Vera. Venezuelan pianist Elizabeth Guerrero, the first recipient of the Maro Ajemian Award of the Juilliard School of Music, has led an active life as a solo pianist and chamber musician. She has belonged to chamber groups such as "Ensemble Brahms de Caracas", "Trío Académico Emil Friedman", "Piano a Dos de Venezuela" and "El Piano Criollo", this last dedicated to Venezuelan traditional music. Ms. Guerrero studied under Czech pedagogue Gerty Haas in Caracas, and under American pianists, William Masselos and Herbert Stessin while a postgraduate student at the Juilliard School of Music. She has been featured as a soloist with numerous symphony orchestras in Venezuela, has recorded several CDs and has devoted her time to the investigation of various themes, such as the work of the sons of J.S.Bach, the African root of Latin American music and Venezuelan musical traditions. Recognizing her excellence in teaching at public and private conservatories in the country, the Venezuelan Ministry of Education awarded her the Andrés Bello Award, the M.F.Rugeles Award and the Botón de Honor of the Venezuelan Symphony Orchestra.

Kalos 5th Anniversary Concert

Come and celebrate Kalos' 5th Anniversary Concert with the Teachers next Sunday, January 21st at 6:00 pm. This distinct event is a celebration of friendship, achievements, and of course, music.