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Nicole Combeau

Nicole Combeau is a freelance educator, photographer and writer based in Miami, Florida. For the past 12 years, Nicole has used the expressive arts as a form of self-healing, self-transformation and social activism. Photography, painting, collage, and writing have served as tools for her to explore her inner landscape and give voice to her life experiences. As an educator, she focuses on sharing the expressive arts as a pathway to practicing mindfulness, self-reflection, and non-violent communication. Nicole has a bachelor’s degree from the School of Visual Arts in New York City specializing in Photography and Video and is trained in expressive and somatic therapies with the Tamalpa Institute in Northern California. Nicole teaches and develops curricula with leading educational organizations nationwide, including the Perez Art Museum of Miami, the Boys and Girls Club of America, the Healing and Justice Center in Miami, and more. In her free time, Nicole enjoys reading, dancing, and going on nature walks.

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