Kalos Music and Art School

Who are we?

Kalos Music & Art School is Miami’s newest destination for outstanding music and art education. Our school is an extension of Kalos Music Inc, a company founded by professional musicians who have extensive experience in composition, direction, performance, event creation, management, education and production in several musical styles, including Jazz, Pop and several regional Latin American expressions.

The teaching staff at Kalos Music and Art school is composed of highly regarded musicians and artists who are currently involved in exciting activities such as music production, stage music & entertainment, film scoring and special teaching programs.

Our unique blend of knowledge, experience and passion for education, make our school a perfect fit for students and parents who seek comprehensive and integral education programs in music and art.

Our Mission

• To endow children, teens and adults alike with skills and experiences that put them in touch with music and art; which is as a proven way to develop cognitive skills in other areas of learning.
• To train, develop and cultivate new audiences to be open to the enjoyment of musical expressions, based on a comprehensive curriculum that enhances skills (motor development) and achievements in artistic, musical and social areas.
• Teach critical thinking skills about music and art facts.
• To create through music and art education, a new audience who enjoys music as part of everyday life.
• To promote a new audience who feels and enjoys music and art as part of an integral approach towards personal growth and development.


The school is the first stage of Kalos Music Inc’s plan to provide a fully equipped musical and artistic education for children, teens and adults.  We want to grow into a comprehensive 360° music business solution: selling musical instruments and related objects, building a music and art library, producing and marketing musical and artistic events, concerts, recordings and becoming involved in artistic productions in general.


• Our Music and Art classes will always be fun, creative, flexible and educational.
• Through our programs, children will learn fundamental concepts and acquire skills in music and art.
• Our students will learn to focus and expand their attention through exposure to many different kinds of music, tunes and rhythms, as well as art techniques and styles.
• Our classes will always be small and have a relaxed atmosphere. Teaching will be approached as a game which encourages learning and interaction between teacher and students.
• Staff will always be integrated by professional musicians and well known artists who are also skilled in teaching and understanding children.

Where does the name Kalos come from?

Adjective Origin: Greek
a. Beautiful (male and female):
i. When applied to people, places, things, or non-human means beautiful,handsome, pretty, attractive, or lovely.
ii. When applied to actions or institutions means admirable, creditable, honorable.
b. kalos, is a very general value term that can also be used to describe what is morally admirable, ancient discussion of beauty is often embedded in wider-ranging discussion of values.