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Silvia Cohen

Silvia Cohen
Drawing and Painting for Adults

Silvia has recently arrived to Miami and as of May 2018 has been teaching a drawing and painting ongoing workshop for adults at Kalos Music and Art School. Born in Venezuela, Mrs. Cohen studied Fine Arts at the University of Haifa, Israel, and through the years has experimented with several forms of visual arts including drawing, painting, mixed media, sculpture, photography, etching, silkscreen, and silversmithing. She participated in collective and solo exhibitions in Venezuela, Switzerland, and Romania.

Silvia taught drawing and painting at her studio back in Caracas as well as at the Centro Cultural Educativo Hebraica Gonzalo Benaim Pinto. She later became the Director of this cultural center, where for five (5) years she created an art curriculum for adults and children including workshops in visual arts, music and theater. She also led and organized art exhibitions. One of these exhibits, the Salón de Arte Hebraica, became a renowned art space in Caracas because it combined with extreme care artwork from seasoned visual artists together with emerging artists. She also founded the Caracas International Jewish Film Festival. For five (5) years Silvia partnered with local organizations as well as international directors, producers, and distributors to bring films with Jewish content to the Venezuelan public.

Silvia’s visual arts teaching philosophy is rooted in the importance of learning how to draw. ‘Walk before you run’ or ‘Draw before you paint’. As simple as it sounds, drawing involves learning to observe and capture the subject matter as a whole and how it is interconnected within its parts as well with its environment. Key aspects of her training include visualization, coordination, analytical skills, and concentration, which result in understanding the notion of proportion and “an eye” to both make and appreciate art. Her purpose is to enjoy the act of creating within a community of people, to stimulate creativity, and develop new ideas and inspirations.

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